Premier League: Supercomputers predicted the final table based on the Christmas score

Liverpool will take first place in the Premier League over Christmas.

Jurgen Klopp’s side skipped Tottenham last week after beating Jose Mourinho’s side 2-1 at Anfield, and they followed up that result with a 7-0 win over Crystal Palace last Saturday.

Being at the top at Christmas is usually a good omen as the team usually wins the Premier League title at the December 25th table top.

That’s not always the case, of course, as Liverpool found out in 2018/19 after Manchester City took the title despite leading the way over the Christmas season.

But that was an anomaly, and according to a supercomputer, Liverpool’s place at the top of the current Premier League table will take the trophy for the second consecutive year.

Liverpool player with the Premier League trophy

The technology predicted the final rankings of England’s top 2020-21 season, based on data from the last 10 seasons where teams stopped working due to their position at Christmas.

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Supercomputer predicts the final Premier League table

The final Premier League table has been predicted

Liverpool fans will laugh but things don’t look good for Arsenal.

According to the data, teams that sit in 15th place on Christmas Day usually slide to 16th place by the end of the season, although that at least means the Gunners will avoid relegation to the championship …

The top four forecasts are also interesting: Leicester, Manchester United and Everton occupy the remaining three places ahead of Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester City.

City are expected to occupy eighth place in the table and if that happened it would be more of a shock than Arsenal ending just above the drop zone.

Guardiola on the contact line

Pep Guardiola has one of the best squads in world football and while the club are battling for goals in the Premier League they have improved significantly at the back.

It is therefore almost a given that City will at least qualify for next season’s Champions League.

Chelsea and Spurs may find it harder to get into the top four, however, especially as Leicester, United and Everton start to find their groove.

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