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Forest officials angry over Rega Kantaravu trend

Petition to Minister Indira Gandhi in Hyderabad

Awareness that duties cannot be performed freely in villages

Palvancha Rural‌, December 16: District leaders of the Forest Range Officers Association said it was inappropriate for Rega Kantarao to post against forest officials on his official Facebook account. A press release to this effect was issued on Wednesday. Activists and party leaders said it was not appropriate to call for a direct war with forest officials. He said that the attitude of the forest authorities towards the fallow lands had not changed and it was not the right practice to call for arrests in the villages. ‘The government has allotted thousands of acres of land in the district for the work of companies like Singareni, Sitarama project etc. Therefore, we have undertaken an alternative planting program in the fallow lands. We are doing such a program only in accordance with government regulations. As part of that, we are legally acquiring forest lands across the district. We plant plants in them for ecological balance. It should be noted that this is our responsibility as forest personnel. Among those who issued the press release were Kinnerasani Wildlife Range Officer Srinivasa Rao Chatakonda Range Officer Srinivasareddy, Mulakalapalli Range Officer Srinivasa Rao, Dammapeta Range Officer Prasad Rao, Illendu Range Officer and Palvancha Range Officer Anil.

Rega’s remarks on the request of the officials to the Minister of Forests

Manuguru, December 16: It is learned that the remarks made by Kantarao, an MLA and government whip, on social media on Tuesday, caused a stir after the attitude of the forest department officials towards the issue of forest lands. Protesting against the remarks made by Regakantarao in this regard, the department officials on Wednesday handed over a petition to Forest Minister Indira Reddy in Hyderabad. On the occasion, the minister pointed out that it was inappropriate for MLA Rega to make such remarks on forest department employees and that the department officials could not perform their duties freely in the villages.