PM Narendra Modi on Kisan Andolan: PM Modi Reaches Kutch, To Inaugurate World Largest Renewable Energy Park – conspiracy to intimidate, provoke and confuse farmers … Modi lashed out at the opposition


  • PM lays foundation stone of world’s largest renewable energy park
  • Project starting in Kutch, Gujarat, speech after foundation stone
  • PM ends his speech with farmer agitation, says opposition opposing conspiracy
  • PM said that those who wanted this law are sitting in opposition today
  • The government has made an honest effort, the farmers of the country are blessed, the opposition will be defeated

Amid the agitation by farmers against the three agricultural laws on the borders of the capital Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that the welfare of farmers has been one of the top priorities of his government. He said that the government is ready round the clock to address the doubts of the farmers. After laying the foundation stone of several development projects in Kutch, Gujarat, the Prime Minister in his address also targeted the opposition parties and accused them of plotting to confuse the farmers.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Kutch, Gujarat on Tuesday and here he laid the foundation stone of the world’s largest renewable energy park. During the program, PM Modi also mentioned the peasant movement. He said that some people are doing politics and running a gun on the shoulders of the farmers, but they will be defeated by the farmers of the country.

A conspiracy is going on to scare the farmers ….
PM Modi said that there is a conspiracy going on around Delhi these days to scare farmers. Modi said, ‘If someone contracts to take milk from you, then he goes away with buffalo? The kind of freedom we are giving to cattlemen, the same freedom we are giving to farmers. Farmers organizations had demanded this for many years, the opposition is misleading the farmers today, but used to say similar things during the time of their government.

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‘Opposition confusing farmers’
The PM said that the same people were demanding this law. Today they are confusing the farmers by sitting in opposition. The government has taken a historic step. Increase in farmers’ income, reduce problems. This honest rule, honest effort has been blessed by farmers from every corner of the country. The power of blessings, those who spread illusions, those who do politics, and those who put guns on the shoulders of farmers will be defeated by the farmers of the country.

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‘Solving farmers’ problems is top priority’
The PM said, ‘I am again telling my Kisa brothers, repeatedly saying that the government is ready for 24 hours to solve their every problem. The interest of farmers is the top priority of the government from day one.

Speaking on the project, the PM said that its great benefit will be to the tribal brothers and sisters, farmers and livestock farmers, common people here. He said that after this project it would help to stop 50 million tons of carbon dioxide. This will be beneficial for the environment equivalent to planting 9 crore trees.

PM Modi said that this project will benefit the youth of Kutch as it will generate 1 lakh jobs. Gujarat is the first state in the country to formulate and promote policies on solar energy.

‘There will be new dimensions in the development journey of Kutch’
The PM said that Kutch has taken a big step in both the New Age Technology and New Age Economy. Whether it is the renewable energy park of Khavda, the demolition plant of Mandvi and the foundation stone of the Sarhad Dehri automatic plant in Anjar, all three will write new dimensions in the development journey of Kutch.

This is the project
The world’s largest mixed new energy park at Khavda and a plant to make saltwater usable at Mandvi near the Arabian Sea coast were digitally laid. Energy will be generated with the help of solar panels and windmills in the 30 thousand MW mixed new energy park.

Work will be completed in two years

The renewable energy park will span 72,600 hectares, and will have a dedicated zone for wind and solar energy storage as well as a special zone for solar energy storage and wind park activity. The Gujarat government gave its approval for this project in September 2020. According to media reports, the project will take two years to complete. In this park being built on barren land along the Indo-Pakistan border, many companies have been allotted land for solar and wind energy projects.

Allotment of land to these companies
Among the companies to which the state government has allotted land for the project are Adani Green Energy Limited, Surgeon Realities Limited, NTPC Limited, Gujarat State Electricity Corporation and Gujarat Industries Power Company Limited.

PM Modi speaking in Kutch

PM Modi speaking in Kutch