PM Modi said in Kutch Gujarat government ready round the clock to solve the doubts of farmers – PM Modi

Amid the ongoing farmers’ agitation at various borders of the capital Delhi against three agricultural laws, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that the welfare of farmers has been one of the top priorities of his government and is ready round the clock to address the problems of his doubts.

After laying the foundation stone of several development projects, the Prime Minister during his address also targeted the opposition parties and accused them of conspiring to confuse the farmers. Modi said, “Nowadays there is a big conspiracy going on around Delhi to confuse the farmers. They are being scared that after agricultural reforms the land of the farmers will be occupied. ”

He said that the demand for recent agricultural reforms was being demanded for many years and many farmers organizations were also demanding that farmers should be given the option to sell grains anywhere. He said, “Today those who are confusing the farmers by sitting in the opposition, they were also in support of these agricultural reforms at the time of their government. But he could not take decisions while under his government. They kept giving false comfort to the farmers.

Modi said that when the country has taken this historic step today, the opposition has started confusing the farmers. He said, “I repeat to my peasant brothers and sisters again and again. The government is ready 24 hours to solve their every doubt. The interest of farmers has been one of the top priorities of our government since day one. We have worked continuously to reduce the expenses of farmers in agriculture, increase their income and reduce difficulties.

Pointing to the recent election results, he said that the government’s “honest intentions and sincere efforts have been blessed by almost the whole country.” He hoped and said, “The power of blessing of farmers From … those who are the people who spread illusions, those who are bent on doing politics, who are throwing guns on the shoulders of the farmers … All the aware farmers of the country will also defeat them. ”