Pirlo: Juventus pays for not finishing games

Juventus took the lead but missed a chance for Atalanta to pull back in the second half before the game ended 1-1. The draw is that of the Bianconeri sixth the season in just twelve games, the first time since the 1984/85 season.

After the game, coach Andrea Pirlo was frustrated with his team’s inability to finish the game.

“We played an excellent game against a strong team at great speed.

“However, we would have won if we had shown more conviction. We created a lot but we couldn’t close it and if we keep the game balanced anything can happen – but we took the field with the right attitude.

“It was an important game in terms of intensity. Atalanta is tough to deal with and we did well. “

One of the missed opportunities was that Alvaro Morata, for the sake of grace, went showboating and rubbed off his rear wheel.

“It made me very angry, we can’t afford that. These opportunities can channel the game in a certain way.

“You have to have the clarity to make the right choice, and he didn’t. Besides that, he played a great game, sometimes he doesn’t score. “

Another chance missed was Cristiano Ronaldo, who saved his penalty. He was unable to score the fourth goal in 38 attempts for Juve.

“It’s a shame because it would have helped us keep going, but these things can happen.”

Defense is still a weak point for this team. There has only been one goal conceded in the last nine games.

“On Sunday we conceded a goal from the only shot we had against. It’s not about goals, it’s about how we face the games.

“We had a lot of chances to take the lead. We’re improving. This game was important for the intensity.”

Paulo Dybala was presented with only ten minutes of play time, but could not score a goal. What did Pirlo think of all the chatter about the player’s contract extension?

“The club is responsible for these matters. I train all the players and I just think about training him on the pitch. “

Pirlo also explained why Dejan Kulusevski was an unused replacement for this game.

“He’s a young player, he’s played a lot so far. He has made great strides but is better suited for some games and less so for others. It wasn’t a game for him, there were aggressive defenders and we had to play vertically. “