Pedri shows a perfect performance in the fight against Barcelona

Say it quietly, but we’re about to see a genius be born.

At only 18 years old, Pedri quickly became the focal point of this team in Barcelona. A player who is so completely in tune with the style of play and the players around him that he invites comparisons to some of the greats who have played the game.

Make no mistake, this kid is the gold standard.

There are some players that you only know how good they get.

You just know It cannot be pigeonholed and can do everything.

Against Real Sociedad, the boy did everything that was asked of him and much more.

Pedri was unlucky with a downward header and deserved a goal for his resilience and brilliance.

ESP: FC Barcelona - Real Sociedad.  La Liga Santander

Photo by Pressinphoto / Icon Sport via Getty Images

In every position he has played so far this season (4 or 5 by my count) he has always worked to the absolute maximum and done the best possible job he can. Not only is there no doubt about its quality, but also no doubt about its commitment.

I would argue that although Ronald Koeman seems happy to be the man for all seasons, he should find a home for him and keep him there unless the injuries dictate otherwise.

He will of course not complain wherever he is stationed, but it is important to define the parameters to some extent. In any case, give him permission to roam, with the caveat that it is not at the expense of the team during a game.

This is the player the club will need to build a squad around in the future. Make him happy, give him what he wants.

For now, spoil him with his occasional, slightly headstrong death, which seems to be the only small stain in his notebook.

All-in for the cause, physical traits pretty much everyone on the roster, which is surprising given his small size, impeccable timing and valor.

Of course, this article cannot be written without addressing * this * issue. This one instance summarized everything about Pedri.

Perhaps the best anecdote about him is the fact that Real Madrid turned him down because he wasn’t good enough! Are you kidding me?!

That kid will rule Barca and LaLiga for the next 15 years and I’ve never been more sure.

Furthermore, his presence could be one of the reasons Leo Messi is staying at the club. The bond they have already made is great, and when Ansu Fati is back too, watching the trio swing together will be something else.