Peasants’ protest, meeting in Delhi: Don’t get worse than the British

The AAP has tabled three bills to counter farm laws as its MLAs tore up copies of the centre’s bills

New Delhi:

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal tore up copies of farm bills during a special meeting Thursday, calling on the center to “do no worse than the British”. Mr. Kejriwal also asked the center, “what was the rush to pass farm laws during the pandemic”.

“I am tearing open the three farm laws in this assembly and appeal to the center not to get worse than the British. What was the rush to pass farm laws in Parliament during the (coronavirus) pandemic?” “Mr Kejriwal asked during one Meeting to discuss farmers’ protest.

“Every farmer has become Bhagat Singh … the government says they are reaching out to the farmers and trying to explain the benefits of the farm bills … The UP chief minister told the farmers that they will benefit from it as you Land is not being taken away. Is that an advantage? ”Added the Prime Minister.

The AAP has been a vocal supporter of farmers, even providing basic infrastructure – drinking water, medical care, and sanitation – to thousands of who passed tear gas and lathi charges and are now resisting the cold – to almost the border with Delhi to camp for three weeks now.

Last week, Mr. Kejriwal visited the farmers in Singhu (on the Delhi-Haryana border) and said, “We support all farmers’ demands.” He also said the bills “decriminalize profit and hoarding” and appeal to critics who claim they involved separatist elements.

“Some BJP leaders say farmers are anti-national. Many former soldiers … singers, celebrities, doctors, traders support them … are all of these anti-national too?” he asked Monday.

Mr. Kejriwal also took over the center on reports that over 20 demonstrators, including the 65-year-old priest of a Haryana Gurudwara, have died since the agitation began nearly three weeks ago.

“… how many sacrifices must the peasants make to hear their voices?” he asked.

Previous Aam Aadmi Party MLAs of Mr Kejriwal – Mahendra Goyal and Somnath Bharti – also tore up copies when bills were filed to counter the bills approved by the Center in September.


“We refuse to accept these black laws against farmers,” said Goyal, Bharti and Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot, who submitted the bills.

Delhi is expected to be the third state (after Congress-ruled Punjab and Rajasthan) to pass laws designed to counter the laws of the center.

This morning, when the Supreme Court heard a series of petitions on the matter, it said that while the protests could continue, they should not be allowed to block access to the national capital.

The thousands of farmers camping in Delhi have also occupied highways in the past three weeks. However, their goal is never to stop emergency services like ambulances.

Several rounds of talks between the farmers and the center have so far failed to resolve the stalemate. Neither side is ready to step back – farmers want the laws to be abolished and the center says it will only change the more problematic sections.

With input of ANI