Peasant protest: Tired of your husband Ki Baat, listen to ours

Farmers Protesting Center’s Agriculture Laws Announce Second Hunger Strike (file)

New Delhi:

Farmers protesting the center’s farm laws will go on an indefinite hunger strike from Monday, Swaraj India chief Yogendra Yadav, one of the leaders of the protest, said late in the evening. Mr. Yadav also urged people to “pop” Thalis during the next PM modes Man ki baat (due next Sunday) “to ask the Prime Minister” when are you going to listen to our (the farmers)? baat“.

The open-ended, graduated hunger strike on Monday will be the third major national event hosted by the farmers after last week’s “Bharat” Bandh“and an earlier hunger strike, both of which found broad support from opposition parties in their struggle to get rid of the controversial laws.

“Farmers made five important announcements today. First, we will hold an indefinite staggered hunger strike here from Monday, with 11 people alternating fasting for 24 hours,” Yadav told NDTV.

“The second announcement is on December 23rd Kisan Diwas (Farmers Day), to honor the men and women who put food on your table three meals a day, please fast for one meal. This is our humble appeal, “he added.

Mr Yadav also said that on December 26th and 27th, peasant groups would be sending letters to BJP allies (those who are members of the NDA) to withdraw their support. On the same days, farmers also urged Indians living abroad to go to their respective embassies and ask the center to withdraw the agricultural laws.

The fifth and final announcement, Mr Yadav said, was a request to beat Thalis during the prime ministerial Man ki baat Speech.

“Finally, on December 27th, when the Prime Minister gives his radio address to Mann Ki Baat, farmers will say, ‘We’re sick of listening to yours Man ki baatwhen will you hear ours Man ki baat? ‘So we’re going to pop utensils to keep the noise from him Man ki baat doesn’t reach us, “he explained.

The farmers’ Man ki baat The request relates to the prime minister calling on people in March to beat Thalis to demonstrate support for frontline workers in the fight against the novel coronavirus.


In today’s press conference, farmers also carried out IT raids against commission agents known as Arhityaswho support them in their agitation against the agricultural laws.

“We never have money from industrialists, political parties or Arhtiyas. These (the funds in question) are our supporters’ money that we have asked for help from. We will give them an answer to the warning if they ask, “said Joginder Ugraha, the head of the BKU (Ugrahan).

The protest found its 25th day today which has been dubbed Shradhanjali Diwas, with an emotional tribute to the 29 lives reportedly lost since the thousands of peasants defied lathi charges and tear gas to march on Delhi late last month.

In Singhu, prayers were read out in front of posters by the 29 people. Another poster said the farmers would not rest until they achieved what their brothers and sisters had died for.

Several rounds of talks between the farmers and the center have failed and neither side is prepared to abandon their positions. Farmers want the laws removed and the center is only open to changing more problematic sections. According to the PTI news agency, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar will meet the farmers this week for further talks.

The center, which was elected by parliament in September with little debate, says the laws provide additional opportunities for farmers to sell their produce. However, farmers fear the loss of MSP (Minimum Support Price) and even their livelihoods once company houses come on the market.

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