pavitra punia on aly jasmin relationship: pavitra punia calls aly goni jasmin madari and jamura

In a conversation with eTimes TV, Pavitra Punia talked about her evolution from Ali Goni-Jasmine’s relationship to broken friendship with Ali.

Grief reached by Ali Goni’s words, if I had friends …

Pavitra said that what Ali Goni said about him on national television, he was very sad. She admits that the abuses she gave to Gauhar Khan was wrong, but it seems as if Ali Goni was waiting for a chance to use that sentence against him. Pavitra said that if Ali Goni was becoming such a good friend of his, then why did he not speak those things when he came in the house and later saw the opportunity and said.

‘If only she would have exposed the relationship between Ali and Jasmine’

Pavitra also questioned Ali Gony and Jasmine Bhasin’s relationship and said that she could expose their so-called friendship if she wanted to. She could reveal the reality behind their friendship as to how the two are playing the game and nothing else. (Photo: Instagram @ alygoni)

Pavitra breaks friendship with Ali, says he is not worthy

Pavitra Punia said that she no longer wants to be friends with Ali Goni. She said, ‘If a person can talk about a girl and do something wrong with another friend, then that person is not fit for my friendship. For Ali Goni, only Jasmine Bhasin and her family’s female friends are good and decent, the rest are ‘lowly’ and ‘cheap’. Ali only respects them, the rest is not someone’s daughter, wife or sister.

Jasmine and Ali told ‘Madari and Jamure duo’

Pavitra described Ali and Jasmine as the pair of ‘Madari and Jamure’. He said, ‘The Jasmine we are seeing right now is his real personality. Rather, when I was going to Bigg Boss house, the three seniors (Siddharth Shukla, Gauhar Khan and Hina Khan) asked me to judge Jasmine. So I told Jasmine to be on and my guess was correct. I was waiting for her reality to come out from day one. I often used to say inside the house that this yada is made and eaten. Thankfully his reality, his real face, came out. Ali Goni and Jasmine Bhasin pair Madari and Jamure.

Pavitra wants to revisit ‘Bigg Boss 14’


Holy Poonia is also surprised by her eviction. He never thought that despite playing so well, he would be made homeless by ‘Bigg Boss 14’. Pavitra was deeply shocked by his eviction. She says that she too deserves another chance to go on the show.