“Patients will die”: The top doctor in Delhi collapses because of the oxygen crisis in city hospitals

When several hospitals in Delhi reported a shortage of medical oxygen, Sunil Saggar, CEO of Shanti Mukand Hospital, collapsed in an interview with the ANI news agency and said that there were only two hours of oxygen left in his hospital, due to which “patients could die ”. .

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“We hardly have any oxygen left. We asked the doctors to discharge the discharged patients. Whatever cylinders are there, we’re trying to put them on intensive care beds, ”Saggar said. “Regardless of how much oxygen we have, we’ve tried to optimize it so that it lasts a little longer. If there is anything at all, it can take two hours or so, ”he continued.

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When asked about patients who require oxygen, Saggar said there were 110 such patients, 85 of whom require more than five liters of oxygen per minute. There are 12 patients on ventilator, the senior doctor also said.

“There are cancer patients, heart patients. It will be a very unfortunate, unfortunate state. We as doctors are supposed to give life, if we can’t give them oxygen, patients will die, ”said Saggar, and burst into tears.

As daily cases of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) hit an unprecedented high in the state capital, several top hospitals have reported a shortage of medical oxygen. Delhi Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy Prime Minister Manish Sisodia have both reported the problem to the center, even accusing the neighboring state of Haryana of blocking Delhi’s oxygen supply. On Wednesday evening, Kejriwal tweeted that the Delhi’s center had increased oxygen levels.

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Several hospitals have had to relocate the Delhi Supreme Court for instructions to restore oxygenation. However, on Thursday, the Supreme Court took ex officio cognizance of the current situation of Covid-19 in the country, including the supply of oxygen and essential medicines, and asked the center to come up with a national plan that addresses various issues related to Covid-19. 19 covers. The matter will be negotiated again on Friday.