Parakala Avedana -Sagatu Andhrudi Manovedana

Parakala Prabhakar is one of the foremost intellectuals in the Telugu states. He has prepared a documentary on the subject of Andhra Pradesh capital, “Capital Tragedy”. Presented to journalists and celebrities in various cities and now available on social media. “Capital tragedy” means .. Some people have started a campaign called Documentary in support of Amravati. The documentary has been campaigning against Amravati for some time. But .. if you open your eyes a little .. Parakala visualizes in great detail how much the “capital tragedy” is afflicting the average Andhra.

Travel to the capital of Andhra Pradesh .. ie Chennapatnam, Kurnool, Hyderabad, Amravati mentioned in the documentary. The capital was a tragedy for Andhras from the beginning. No doubt about it. An attempt was made to say that very strongly. He did not support Amravati anywhere. He said what happened. He also referred to the criticisms received during the land consolidation of the capital at Amravati. Also shown were two key video clips related to the ballot note controversy. He proved that he had no political obstacles and that his attempt was to tell the story of the capital tragedy.

Amravati land consolidation went on without any worries. If such concerns had happened .. now the farmers would have been queuing up with the government to get their land given to them. The capital is not about sticking with the government to stay there. Attempts have been made to say the same thing parakala. Attempts have been made to provide an analysis without directly stating the decision of the three capitals. Finally, Parakala Prabhakar, through his documentary, wants to start a discussion on the three capitals. Not that Amravati but .. wants to discuss why the capital is turning tragic. He wants to bring out the truths that transcend caste, religion and region even in that discussion.

In this documentary, some people who have given lectures in support of the book ‘Amravati, whose capital is written by IYR Krishna Rao’ have also appeared in various documentaries. There was a clear change in their opinion.

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