Pakistan’s allegations of attacks by Indian troops on UN vehicles were found to be false following an investigation: India | India News

NEW DELHI: India said on Sunday Pakistan‘s allegations that Indian troops The targeted aiming of a United Nations vehicle along the control line was investigated in detail and found to be factually “wrong and wrong”.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) Spokesman Anurag Srivastava said Pakistan should responsibly investigate its “mistakes” rather than repeating “baseless and fabricated” allegations against India in order to cover up its own “failures” in ensuring the security of India UN personnel in the area under his control.
Pakistan alleged on Friday that Indian forces attacked a United Nations Military Observer (UNMO) vehicle in the Chirikot sector along the LoC. Indian government sources themselves denied the allegations that day.
In response to media inquiries about Pakistani allegations, Srivastava also said India had shared its findings and views on “these misrepresentations” with the Pakistani side.
“Allegations by Pakistan of Indian forces deliberately targeting a UN vehicle on December 18 have been carefully investigated and found to be factually inaccurate and inaccurate. Our forward forces were aware of UN military monitors visiting the area and did not conduct any shooting as claimed, “he said.
“Rather than reiterating baseless and fabricated allegations against India to cover up its own failure to ensure the safety of UN personnel in the area it controls, Pakistan should responsibly investigate its mistakes,” the MEA spokesman said.