Owaisi wants to gain a foothold in UP, meets SBSP boss OP Rajbhar | India News

LUCKNOW: After the good performance of his party in the recently completed polls of the Bihar Assembly, AIMIM President Asaduddin Owaisi wants to gain a foothold in the politically decisive state of Uttar Pradesh, where he met the SBSP chief Om Prakash Rajbhar, a former BJP Ally, here on Wednesday.
“We have gained a lot of confidence in our success in Bihar and will continue that dynamic,” Owaisi told reporters after their meeting in Lucknow.
Rajbhar said, “Until yesterday, people were saying OP Rajbhar is all alone, and what can he do? Well why are they feeling the pain? Now Owaisiji has come, we will show our power to the heavyweight division,” he said.
Regarding the Bhaagidaari Sankalp Morcha, a front of smaller parties in the state that was founded about a year ago, Rajbhar said: “We will contest the elections for the Uttar Pradesh Assembly in 2022 together.”
In addition to SBSP, the Bhaagidaari Sankalp Morcha, the Jan Adhikar party of former BSP leader Babu Singh Kushwaha, the Rashtra Uday Party led by Babu Ram Pal, the Janta Kranti Party led by Anil Singh Chauhan, and the Rashtriya Upekshit Samaj led by Premchand Prajapati Party.
The Owaisi Rajbhar meeting takes place one day later the Aam Aadmi Party announced that it will contest the polls of the Uttar Pradesh assembly in 2022.
In the recent elections in Bihar, AIMIM won five seats (it contested 20) in the Muslim-dominated Seemanchal region on the border with West Bengal.
“Rajbhar ji also plays a role in the success in Bihar. We are part of the Grand Democratic Secular Alliance. We have a lot of confidence in the success in Bihar and will continue this momentum,” said Owaisi.
When asked whether it is necessary for smaller parties to come together to take over the BJP, Rajbhar said: “We founded the Bhaagidaari Sankalp Morcha to ensure our victory. We are fighting for education, health and jobs.”
When asked about the rivals’ ongoing attack on the Owaisi-led party, calling them a split-vote, Rajbhar said: “We want Owaisiji to split the votes of his community, Rajbhar his and Krishna Patel (from Apna Dal) from Let them collect all votes and ensure our victory. ”
Meanwhile Owaisi also struck Trinamool Congress supremo and Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee about their comments on Tuesday that the BJP allegedly tried to import the AIMIM into that state in order to sharpen communal polarization and to divide Hindu-Muslim voices among themselves.
He said Banerjee was part of the BJP-led NDA when the 2002 riots broke out in Gujarat.
“So far, Mamata Banerjee has only met obedient Mir Jaffers (who betrayed Nawab Siraj-ud-Daullah) and Mir Sadiqs (who allegedly betrayed Tipu Sultan during the siege of Seringapatam to pave the way for a British victory). You is yet to come face to face with a good Muslim, and it will happen, “said Owaisi.