Only 99 crores per movie .. Akshay Kumar Corona offer ..

Akshay Kumar is one of the busiest heroes in Bollywood. Even during Corona, if he had completed two films, his speed would have made sense. Even though the theaters are closed, his films are still coming in the OT. He came up with the movie Lakshmi. The film, directed by Lawrence, is a remake of Kanchana. Whether the movie is played or not, the views are huge. Meanwhile, Akshay Kumar’s remuneration is always being discussed in the industry. Because the range of rewards he takes for each film is the same. People like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan share in the profits. However, Akshay Kumar gives dates and takes remuneration.

Shares in profits don’t care about anything like that. As much as it belongs to the producer. His films fetch at least Rs 150 to 200 crore. With that, he has been taking his remuneration between Rs 110 and 120 crore for a few years. Producers are also giving as much as he asks in view of the demand for Khiladi. But now Akshay Kumar has cut his salary due to Corona. That is, he says his reward is only Rs 99 crore as the shop rebates. That means Akshay Kumar has cut nearly Rs 21 crore. Now this news is circulating well in the media.

Akshay Kumar is now rumored to be receiving a remuneration of Rs 99 crore for his role in Sajid Nadiawala’s Bachchan Pandey. He was heavily taken before Corona .. Now considering the circumstances, it seems that the film is taking less than Rs 100 crore. If some people are saying that 99 crores is less .. it is less than the producers who make films with Akshay Kumar .. they tell us that this is enough. Akshay Kumar is currently busy with half a dozen films. Even if he takes Rs 20 crore less for each film, he loses Rs 120 crore. It is a profit for the producers.

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