Only 82 registrations on the first day … easy process … but these are the problems .. | non agriculture land registrations only 82 has done on first day in telangana

The easiest process ... but

The easiest process … but

Slot booking will start from the 11th of this month. The registration process will start from Monday. Mutations are also being completed along with registrations. The whole process is completed in 15-20 minutes. Then ‘this passbook’ comes to the buyer’s cell phone. Although registrations are easy in this process, technical issues are a concern. People want to save a lot of time with this process if they can solve them. Some people came directly to the registration office without understanding or booking the slot.

These are the problems

These are the problems

Ordinary people say that the booking process is also getting difficult as the servers are down during slot booking. Currently only registration is allowed for buildings, flats, mortgages and gift deeds while the registration process for open plots without LRS is not complete. The slot will be booked under the new scheme only if the open plots with LRS have a Property Identification Number (PITN) assigned for collection of Vacant Land Tax (VLT). However, many people are having trouble figuring out how to pay their vacant land tax online.

Despite the LRS ...

Despite the LRS …

Although there are LRS for plots in DTCP, HUDA, HMDA layouts … It seems that the Department of Registrations website is cooperating only for the properties and lands registered in the Dharani portal. According to Dharani, registrations for unregistered assets have not taken place on the portal. AGPA says inheritance registration is not yet available. The issue of old challans, issues like NVOC, LRS, BRS, lack of opportunity to change witnesses etc. need to be addressed.

Tuesday 155 slots

Tuesday 155 slots

It is well known that the government has set up a Cabinet sub-committee to look into the problems encountered in the process of registration of non-agricultural assets and lands. The committee will meet on Tuesday (December 15) to discuss issues and shortcomings in the registration process. Talk to the relevant authorities and discuss the causes of the problems and their solutions. A report will be submitted to the government after the four-day meeting. As on Tuesday (December 15), 155 slots were booked in 58 sub-registrar offices in the state, the CS office said. The registration process is calm everywhere. Some people are deliberately misrepresenting themselves on social media.