One study finds that COVID-19 patients are at high risk in the first 10 days after leaving the hospital

According to the researchers, the overall risk of a COVID-19 patient after 60 days was lower than that of patients with heart failure or pneumonia after 60 days

One study finds that COVID-19 patients are at high risk in the first 10 days after leaving the hospital

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Washington: The first week and a half after leaving the hospital are at high risk for COVID-19 Patients including return trips to hospital and death, according to one study.

Researchers found that out COVID-19 Patients were 40 to 60 percent more likely to end up in hospital or die in the first 10 days compared to similar patients treated for heart failure or pneumonia in the same hospitals in the same months.

The study published in the journal JAMA, found that at the end of 60 days the COVID-19 The patients’ overall risk of readmission or death was lower than for the other two serious illnesses.

Post-hospital results were compared for nearly 2,200 veterans who had survived hospitalization in 132 hospitals COVID-19 with results for nearly 1,800 similar patients who survived a stay for non-disease related pneumonia and 3,500 who survived a stay for heart failure.

In the first two months, nine percent were the COVID-19 Patients who survived the hospital stay had died, and nearly 20 percent suffered a setback that sent them back to the hospital, the researchers said.

That was in addition to the 18.5 percent who died during their hospital stay, they said.

“By comparison COVID-19 In the long-term results of patients with those of other critically ill patients, we see a pattern of above-average risk in the first week or two, which can be a risky time for anyone, “said John P Donnelly, the study’s first author and epidemiologist at the University of Michigan in the USA.

All but five percent of the patients were male and half were black, which is not nationally representative, but focuses on two high-risk groups.

Within the veterans studied, the only factor that made a significant difference in the results was age, the researchers said.

About half of veterans in their 70s and 80s died in the 60 days after leaving the hospital.

The 2.179 COVID-19 Patients spent a total of 27,496 days in hospital and the 354 veterans who were readmitted spent a total of 3,728 additional days in hospital.

The most common reasons for re-hospitalization were COVID-19 , cited in 30 percent of patients and sepsis in 8.5 percent, the researchers said.

More than 22 percent of re-admitted veterans went to intensive care, they added.