‘Not a place to protest’: Prakash Javadekar condemns Rahul Gandhi for leaving the parliamentary defense committee meeting – News from India

Union minister Prakash Javadekar protested against Congress Chairman Rahul Gandhi on Thursday for resigning from a session of the parliamentary standing defense committee. He said Gandhi himself was still absent, blaming the government and leaving the meeting in protest. Javadekar said the Standing Committee “is not a place of protest”.

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Rahul Gandhi has attended two of 14 meetings of the Standing Parliamentary Defense Committee in the past year and a half. He is absent himself and then blames the government and all the proceedings and leaves the meeting in protest. The Standing Committee is not a place of protest, ”the ANI news agency quoted Javadekar on Thursday, one day after Gandhi left the committee meeting.

“To be absent, not to discuss the desired discussion agenda and then to suggest the non-discussion of important issues is an insult to all parliamentary procedures and constitutional institutions. We condemn this attitude, ”Javadekar continued.

On Wednesday, Gandhi and his colleagues left the meeting after not being allowed to speak during a discussion about the uniforms and ranks of the armed forces. According to those aware of developments, the former President of Congress felt that such matters should best be left to the armed forces themselves and suggested that the panel focus on “broader issues”. In this regard, Gandhi was asked by the committee chairman, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Jual Oram, to adhere to the agenda, which was “an introduction to the rank and structure of the defense forces, including their armed forces uniforms, stars and Badges and review of the working methods of the cantonal authorities “

General Bipin Rawat, Chief of Staff of the Army (CDS), Lieutenant General Satinder Kumar Saini and Defense Minister Ajay Kumar were present.

The issue of Gandhi not attending Defense Committee meetings was taken up by the BJP earlier this year because of its repeated criticism of the government, particularly Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for dealing with the ongoing tensions with China in eastern Ladakh.