No registration of vehicles without FASTag know new rules of RTO

Fastag is required on four wheel vehicles passing the toll plaza from 1 January. In such a situation, registration of vehicles without fastag will be banned from December 25. In this regard, the RTO has issued guidelines to the dealers on Wednesday.

RTO administration Rampher Dwivedi states that fastag will be mandatory in all four-wheelers. Along with this, the checking teams will also warn the drivers to install fastags. He informed that the number of four-wheeler registered vehicles of every type in the Lucknow RTO office is beyond six lakhs. Of these, close to 1.25 lakh vehicles are not in circulation. On the other hand, there are 1.5 lakh commercial vehicles and more than three lakh private vehicles are registered. Of these, only 25 percent of the vehicles are fast.

Vehicles without fastag will not get exemption in toll tax
The toll tax on the National Highway toll plaza will not be exempted from the toll tax. Under the new rule, if the drivers are returning within 24 hours and Fastag is installed on the vehicle, then there will be 50 percent rebate in toll tax. That is, one-way toll tax will be waived.

NHAI’s Project Director NN Giri said that this was done to attract vehicle owners towards the Fastag system. The idea behind this is to fully implement the digital cashless system. It is to be noted that from January 1, the central government has made FASTAG mandatory on all vehicles. At present there is a cash lane each at Nigohan and Itounja toll plazas in Lucknow. He said that the vehicle owner can apply online at