News18 Telugu – Ram Pothineni Red Trialer: Ram Red Trailer is trending in the top .. Ismart Shankar who planned for Sankranthi .. Ram pothineni RED Movie Trailer trends top in youtube gets one million views

Ram Pothineni Red Trialer: Top Trending Ram Red Trailer .. Ismart Shankar Planned For Sankranthi ..

Ram Red Trailer Photo: Twitter

Crime thriller Red, directed by Kishore Thirumala and starring Young Hero Ram in the lead role. Produced under the banner of Sravanti Ravikishore Sravanti Movies, the film is a Telugu remake of the Tamil hit film Tadam. The film stars Niveda Thomas, Malvika Sharma and Amrita Iyer in other important roles. However, the film is scheduled to release on April 9. But the release of the film was postponed due to the pandemic corona virus. However, if a film is not released on time, the film will face more losses. With this, the news that the film would be released digitally was circulating at the time. Ram denied the news on his social media platform. He made it clear that his film would not be released on OTT. If so, the latest trailer for the movie has just been released. The trailer of the upcoming movie in the thriller genre has been released. With the release of this movie from Ram after the movie like Ismart Shankar, the expectations of the audience have increased a lot. It seems that the film crew is ready to bring the Manchi thriller movie to the audience without reducing them at all. In the trailer, Ram divides with his dual role. Manisharma’s re-recording is also making a fuss. The trailer, which was released this morning, is currently trending at the top on YouTube. Already garnering one million views.

Ram has always said that he will release his film in theaters. In a few days, he is preparing to release his film on the big screen as expected. Movies have already been released in Telugu. As part of that, Sai Dharam Tej will release his film Solo Bratuke So Better on the 25th of this month. It is being touted as the first film to be released after the lockdown. It seems that Ram is also looking to bring his film to the wallpaper ring. However, films like Pawan Kalyan Vakil Saab and Ravi Teja Crack are already coming up targeting this festival. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Theaters are already open and the days are coming to an end. Let’s see what the situation will be like in Tollywood this year ..

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Suresh Rachamalla

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December 24, 2020, 4:16 PM IST