News18 Telugu – Niharika Konidela: I made my family proud of that: Niharika Konidela ..

Niharika Konidela: I made my family proud of that: Niharika Konidela ..

Nebula with father Photo: Instagram

Niharika Konidela | Mega Brother actor Nagababu Muddula Tanaya Niharika’s wedding to Chaitanya Jonnalagadda was a grand affair. Niharika Marriage Guntur IG J. Prabhakar Rao’s son Jonnalagadda Venkata Chaitanya was present on the occasion at Udayavilas in Udaipur on December 9 at 7.15 pm at Mithula Lagnam. The mega family invited a lot of people for this celebration. Apart from the mega family they only invited 120 people. Sprinkled with various songs in music before the wedding. On the other hand, Pawan Kalyan’s son Akiranandan and daughter were the first special attraction in Niharika’s wedding. The Nebula wedding was attended by the mega family as well as Ritu Verma and Lavanya Tripathi from the film industry. And if that is the case then the newlyweds shared a photo of Nebula after the wedding. She recently shared photos of her wedding on Instagram, saying, “I made my family proud.” As part of the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom put a ring on the binde and play a game. Won that game. Informing about it on his social media .. he jokingly said that he won the game .. made my family proud in this matter. In that photo, Nebula and Chaitanya are getting cute.

When it comes to the career of Nebula Konidela .. It is known that he walked in the footsteps of his father and acted in some movies and web series. She has done three films in Telugu so far. ‘One Mind’ ‘Happy Wedding’, ‘Sunshine’. These three films did not entertain as expected. But the web series she starred in were entertaining in part. As for Chaitanya Jonnalagadda, who is married to Niharika, he is the son of Guntur IG Prabhakara Rao. Venkata Chaitanya is working at Jonnalagadda Tech Mahindra. For those who could not attend the wedding, the other relatives were sent to JRC in Hyderabad on December 11. The Konidela family gave a wedding reception at the convention center. Audiences along with mega fans and cine celebrities are conveying best wishes to the nebulous, dynamic couple who got married between family members.

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Suresh Rachamalla

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December 14, 2020 10:21 PM IS