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Karthika Deepam: All the facts that came out .. Dr. Babu who stopped looking at the snow

Karthika lamp

Karthika Deepam: Key events are taking place in the Karthika Deepam serial which is attracting a lot of television viewers. With each twist coming out .. it’s going to be even more juicy in today’s episode. Dr. Babu (Karthik) says that he has come to know that Sourya and Hima are two lamp children. Deepa also agrees with that. Those two are saying we have no children. Karthik who hit the lamp with that .. says your children are not mine. However, Aditya, Sravya, Murali Krishna and Bhagya are happy to know this. Those two are happy to be lamp children. However, Karthik takes a hard class on the beauty, the lamp and the bliss hidden near him. Mommy hid the fact why he was so close. The beauty of why I was made the father of the children born to me is depressing.

Also it would be nice if you could tell me the truth to your daughter that day that children were born to me. Then do not say in selfishness that your daughter will get married. Uncle did not win. Karthik fires at Murali Krishna saying ‘Become a father’. But I did it myself to control both of you and to keep your guard. The truth will be known over and over again. I have not wronged you. But Soundarya said about the lamp that she took the child from near it and did injustice to it. Even if we are not told that Hima is the daughter of Deepa .. should we have told Annayya or mummy .. then Aditya says that they would have been together even for Hima.

With that, Karthik grabbed Aditya’s collar. And why are you all looking at the two of us. Good on you all. He picks up his bag and tells me to leave. Then come to the lamp .. I can not do you justice, I did not do injustice. Now he says if you leave my property to yourself. Then Deepa falls on Karthik’s legs and walks away from her. At the same time, the sun and the snow come into the house with gifts from outside. Then Karthik who saw Hima .. stops remembering the memories with her. Hima asks Daddy where we are going on the other side. In tomorrow ‘s episode promo, Karthik was seen walking out of the house, blocked by snow.

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December 24, 2020, 1:15 PM IST