News18 Telugu – Guru’s disciples wept in 2020 .. and in 2021 their situation is MT!

Guru made the disciples cry in 2020 .. and in 2021 their situation will be MT!


2020 .. The world is facing an unprecedented catastrophe. The world trembled. All countries are locked down. Activities are down. Economies are in decline. The society of today has never seen such a catastrophic situation. Thus 2020 is not a world at all. Living systems go into a trance due to the irritability of nature. However due to the corona some may not come together while others may not have come together personally in the past. Especially Indian cricketers MS Dhoni,

Suresh Raina did not get the expected results this year.

2020 without Dhoni

Dhoni-led Chainnai has failed miserably in the IPL. Fans in particular have expressed deep dissatisfaction over Dhoni’s demise, with Dhoni discussing the trend of the game as a social media platform. Critics say his performance slows down in the final stages. Another batsman is trolling Jadhav without cursing him. The satire was that senior citizens could not watch the game. The team that has reached the play-offs ten times..the team that has won the IPL title three times has amazed the cricket community by playing like this. Senior cricketers have openly said that Dhoni’s decisions in particular have led to the team’s failure. He was of the opinion that playing for players who were not in form paid a fair price. Many of the young players on the team were incensed at not being given a chance. Also, this year he is announcing his retirement from cricket. Thus, Dhoni 2020 did not come together at all.

2020 left with tears for Rhine

And this year bad luck haunted Raina. The exceptional departure from IPL 2020 has led to intense debate. The controversy subsided to some extent when Raina finally explained that he had to withdraw from the tournament due to the murder of his relatives. Videos of the former Team India cricketer doing exercises are currently circulating on social media. Raina will take part in the upcoming Syed Mustaq Ali Trophy, an upcoming domestic tournament. Syed Mustaq Ali is expected to be fully prepared for the upcoming IPL by the time he wins the tournament.

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December 17, 2020, 10:55 AM IST