News18 Telugu – Great Conjuction: Amazing scene in New Zealand, Pakistan match .. Viral pick

Great Conjuction: Amazing scene in the match between New Zealand and Pakistan .. Viral pick

Great Conjuction (photo: Twitter)

New Zealand and Pakistan are battling it out in the second T20 match at Seden Park. Meanwhile a fantastic scene took place. The miracle took place while all the fans were watching the interesting match. However, it is not on the ground, but in the sky. The delight of the fans was boundless as this beautiful scene took place in the middle of the match. The cameraman caught the Kiwis batting in the 10th over. This photo has now gone viral on Netflix.

A scene in which any two planets appear to be very close together is called a conjunction. The appearance of the planets Jupiter and Saturn is called ‘Great Conjunction’. Currently these two planets are always getting a little closer. Monday will be the closest and most brightly lit. This miracle is about to take place almost four centuries later. This had previously happened in 1623.

New Zealand, on the other hand, won the second T20 at Seden Park. Initially Pakistan lost six wickets and scored 163 runs. The Kiwis then lost wickets in 19.2 overs and chased down the target. Already the first match New Zealand team has beaten the Grand Victory.

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Sridhar Reddy

First published:
December 21, 2020, 9:28 AM IST