News18 Telugu – Chiranjeevi: There is a big reason behind Chiranjeevi handing over the responsibility of ‘Lucifer’ remake to Mohan Raja ..

Chiranjeevi: There is a big reason behind Chiranjeevi handing over the responsibility of 'Lucifer' remake to Mohan Raja.

Lucifer remake by Mohan Raja (Twitter / Photo)

MegaStar Chiranjeevim Lucifer Remake Mohan Raja: Megastar Chiranjeevi has been nominated for directing the remake of his latest movie ‘Lucifer’. He has recently handed over the responsibility of the film to Mohan Raja, a Telugu who has recently proved himself with many films in Tamil. The big reason was to hand him over to Lucifer remake responsibilities. Currently, Chiranjeevi is making a film under the direction of Koratala Shiva. In addition, Chiranjeevi said OK to some other films. It is good that all these movies are remake stories. Already the stories for all the movies are also ready. Chiranjeevi has been saying OK to remake movies in a row with the intention of making a film with a proof story in one language rather than risking it with new stories in this age.

Chiru in particular is currently busy with the Lucifer, Vedalam remake. In this, Mehr Ramesh became the fix for Vedalam. He also prepared the story. Megastar also did OK to the changes made by Mehr to suit Chiranjeevi’s image. Recently, Mehr Ramesh started shooting for this film without Chiranjeevi.

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Chiranjeevi ajith

Mehr Ramesh. Chiru, who is Clarity about Vedalam, is confused about Lucifer remake. Clarity is missing somewhere in the case of this film director even before. Sujeet was hired as the director before the Lucifer remake. An official announcement was also made. However, after that Chiranjeevi took Vinayak and not Sujeet.

Chiranjeevi Vinayak (Chiranjeevi Vinayak Lucifer movie remake)

Chiranjeevi Vinayak (Chiranjeevi Vinayak Lucifer movie remake)

Chiranjeevi also did not like the narration told by Vinayak. With this, Vinayak took over the responsibilities of the Bellamkonda Bollywood project Chhatrapati remake. After that, if Bobby also joins the story with his own treatment, Chiru will not be satisfied with his style. After that Chiranjeevi wanted to hand over the responsibility of Lucifer remake to Harish Shankar. But Harish Shankar said that the film could not be remade due to his commitments. Recently, he handed over the responsibility of the remake to Mohan Raja, who has been starring in a number of hit films in Tamil. The film is being produced by Konidela Productions in association with NV Prasad.

Mohan Raja directs Lucifer remake (Twitter / Photo)

Mohan Raja is also the director of the original ‘Tani Oruvan’ movie ‘Dhruva’ starring Ram Charan as the hero. His father was editor Mohan .. He shot the movie Hitler in Telugu with Chiranjeevi at that time. Mohan Raja as the director grabbed the mega phone with ‘Hanuman Junction’ in Telugu. He later co-starred with his younger brother Jayam Ravi in ​​a number of films in other languages, which he successfully shot in Tamil with his younger brother. Moreover, Mohan Raja has a good grip on handling remakes. That is why Chiranjeevi has handed over the remake of his latest movie ‘Lucifer’ to Mohan Raja. Chiranjeevi also succumbed to the treatment he narrated. It remains to be seen whether Mohan Raja, who is making a re-entry in Telugu with the remake of ‘Lucifer’, will give good success to Chiranjeevi.

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December 17, 2020, 2:31 PM IST