News18 Telugu – Bigg Boss 4 Telugu: Time is running out .. Let’s protect that contestant .. Devi Nagavalli’s candidate

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu: Time is running out .. Let's protect that contestant .. Devi Nagavalli's request

Devi Nagavalli (file photo)

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu: Bigg Boss Season 4 (Bigg Boss 4) has reached the grand finale. The season, which started with Nagarjuna’s comment, continues to be successful, dispelling the suspicions of the Kakarona period. The organizers continued the show without diminishing the entertainment to the audience while taking care of the corona background. The winner will be announced in another five days. This time in the title fight, the names of Abhijeet and Akhil are heard loudly. It looks like one of the two will be the winner this season. Meanwhile, Abhijeet, Ariana, Akhil, Sohail and Harika are currently in the house. Their fans have starred outside the campaign. Saying the names of their favorite contestants .. They are requesting to win.

Most of the celebrities in this order are voting for Abhi. Journalist Devi Nagavalli, who took part in this season and came out exceptionally, is now campaigning for her favorite contestant Ariana. “Time is running out. Give 10 missed calls a day to 8886658210 to save Ariana, ”he commented on social media. She shared a photo with Ariana at the Big Boss House on the occasion.

Devi and Ariana became very close shortly after moving into the house. There the two shared a good bond. By the time Devi was eliminated, Ariana was unable to contain her emotions. Akka cried. However, the two had earlier reached an agreement. The two said that the girl should win as a winner this time. If anyone goes to the mine, the other one should take the responsibility of winning. Devi has been supporting Ariana since she came out in this order. Ariana is being supported every time the occasion arises. With Ariana entering the top 5, Devi has once again given her support to her sister in the wake of announcing the winner this weekend. Both Ariana and Itu Devi fans are happy with this. It remains to be seen whether Lady Big Boss’s will ever be fulfilled.

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December 15, 2020, 11:47 AM IS