News18 Telugu – A father who got a tattoo after suffering for 30 hours to instill self-confidence in his son …

The father who got a tattoo after suffering for 30 hours to instill self-confidence in his son ...

Father tattooed for 30 hours to instill confidence in his son … (image credit – facebook)

Tattoo frying is a fashion for some people. They tattoo their favorite names and symbols to show how much they like them. A similar incident took place in Canada. A father tattooed his 8-year-old son for 30 hours to reassure him. Going into details … Derek Prue Sr., from Alberta’s Stony Plain, Canada, has an 8-year-old son, Derak Jr. Derac Jr. had a large mole on his chest from birth. The mole grew and grew with the child. This made the boy embarrassed to be without a shirt. He looks at the scar and feels a sense of selflessness. He was hesitant to take off his shirt in front of anyone. The tribe would find it difficult to pick up a shirt, especially when going to the swimming pool. So that scar became a big headache for that kid. Noticing this, the father wanted to get rid of the scar on his son and instill self-confidence in him. For this he decided to get himself a big tattoo in the same place where his son had a scar.

Suffering for 30 hours for son:

He approached the tattoo artist Juicy Quill Tattoo to get a tattoo that resembled his son’s birthmark. Commenting on this, Derek Sr. said, “I endured for my son the pain of getting a tattoo. Right now, I am happy to be able to give my son self-confidence with this scar that I also have. This scar is not only on me but also on my father. This tattoo makes me feel like my son is imitating me. ” Expressed happiness. However, it took Derak 8 weeks to get the big tattoo of his son, the same color, in the same place. For this, he endured a total of 30 hours of pain and tattooing. However, during this time, Derek was given several epilepsy treatments to reduce the pain.

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Derac put this big tattoo on the ribs of the body, the peck area, the very delicate nerve endings. Achcham thanked Derek Jr.’s mother, Hope Marie, for her efforts to get her son tattooed as well as her son’s.

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December 15, 2020, 12:47 PM IST