News18 English – Wonder Monkeys: Monkeys smaller than ping pong ball – watch video

Wonder Monkeys: Monkeys Smaller Than Ping Pong Ball - Watch Video

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Can you imagine monkeys weighing less than ping pong ball .. We know that newborn monkeys weigh at least half a kilo .. But twin monkeys born weighing 10 grams are healthy. The miracle took place at the Chester Zoo in England. Two lightweight monkeys of ping pong balls were born. They weigh only 10 grams. They belong to the Eastern Pygmy Marmoset genus. The twins hold the record for being one of the lightest monkeys in the world.

Zoo operators say these are the smallest of the breed monkeys. The twins were born to a pair of monkeys, Joe (3) and Ball Drick (4). “The Marmoset family is happy to have new members. It was unbelievable when I first saw the kids when they were born. They are no bigger than ping pong balls. The monkey’s mother, Joe, and father, Ball Drick, stepped into the parenthood. The father monkey plays a major role in raising children in this breed, ”said one zoo keeper. Zoo operators posted videos and photos of the twin monkeys on social media. Dr. Davis said that even though the quail is as small as a cub, the Marmasette monkeys can howl loudly. Marmoset monkeys can grow up to eight inches.

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December 14, 2020, 8:59 AM IS