New Variant of Coronavirus Found in Britain, Lockdown announced in London from wednesday – fast growing cases due to new variants of Coronavirus in UK, strict lockdown from Wednesday

New variants of Coronavirus in UK are growing rapidly due to the case, strict lockdown since Wednesday

Lockdown (symbolic photo) in London from Wednesday due to a new type of Corona in Britain

Special things

  • Identification of new types of coronavirus in Britain
  • Fast growing cases in Britain
  • Lockdown in London and its surroundings


A new variant of Coronavirus has been found in Britain. It is believed that due to this, infection can spread rapidly. Due to the huge increase in cases of Corona virus infection in the UK and the identification of a new type of COVID, strict lockdown will be imposed in the country’s capital London and its surroundings from Wednesday. The British government announced this in the parliament on Monday. This new type of corona virus is responsible for spreading “” extremely fast “”.

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Health Minister Matt Hancock told MPs in the House of Commons that cases of this deadly virus infection were increasing at double the rate in just seven days in these areas, so immediate and decisive action was needed. In such a situation, “” Tier-3 “” level restrictions will be implemented in London and its surrounding areas, which means almost complete lockdown.


“A new type of corona virus has been identified in Britain that may be the cause of the rapid spread of the virus in southeast England,” Hancock said, adding that around 1000 cases related to this new type have been identified by experts Has

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