New type of corona in London .. spreading even faster!


Internet Desk: The corona epidemic is known to frighten the world. The virus is spreading, especially in the United States and Europe. The virus has already infected more than 3 million people in the United States. The pandemic black dance is also performed in European countries such as France, Britain and Italy. Strict regulations have recently been imposed in European countries with the onset of the corona second wave. The Pfizer vaccine has since been approved in the UK. Everyone thought that this would bring the situation under control. But now the situation is different. Corona cases are on the rise in the British capital, London.

Britain, which was in lockdown until yesterday .. recently relaxed some of those rules. After that the corona tightened the rules again as the second wave started. Immediately after that the Prime Minister of that country Boris Johnson .. announced that Pfizer had given emergency approvals to the vaccine. Health workers, Front Line Warriors, have revealed that giving priority to vaccinating the elderly is a priority. Everyone thought that this would help control the Corona epidemic. But the number of corona cases is increasing day by day in London, the capital of this country. Concerned officials decided to impose ‘Tier-3’ regulations in the capital.

According to the rules, all cinema halls, pubs, restaurants, etc. have to be closed. Authorities also advised people not to meet other people if they missed them in their home. Groups of more than six should not be seen in public places. The announcement was made by British Health Minister Matt Hancock. “Corona cases have been on the rise in London in recent times, and we have decided to follow the Tier-3 regulations,” he said. Here it is suspected that a new type of corona virus has developed.

Scientists have discovered a new type of corona virus in London. The news shook the world. It seems that this new type of virus is responsible for the huge increase in corona cases here. People are now alarmed by the emergence of a new type of virus in a situation where ordinary corona cannot be tolerated. Hancock said tough decisions were needed to keep people safe amid these fears, hence the imposition of Tier-3 regulations. In some areas, he said, corona cases doubled in just a week.

Hancock believes that existing vaccines may not affect this new type of virus. Tier-2 regulations are still in force in London. But the government has announced that it is imposing tier-3 regulations here in the wake of a huge increase in corona cases and a new type of virus that has emerged in the South England region. Corona tests will soon begin for students between the ages of 11 and 18 in areas where the virus is most prevalent, officials said.