New COVID-19 virus strain “out of control”

LONDON: In a jerky response to confirmation in London that a powerful new strain of the coronavirus is “out of control”, European countries have begun banning flights from the UK.

The Dutch were the first to pinch the ban on passenger flights, which is due to last until January 1st. A German government source said Berlin was also considering a similar move as a “serious option” for flights from both the UK and South Africa.

The moves took place when around a third of the English population entered a Christmas ban. British Health Minister Matt Hancock warned that the new virus strain was “out of control”.

It appears that scientists first discovered the new variant in a patient in September. But on Friday the modeling showed the full seriousness of the new strain. This appears to be confirmation of a figure released by Prime Minister Boris Johnson – that the new strain of the virus could be 70 percent more transmissible.

This means that the “R” or reproduction rate is increased. This is the average number of people an infected person will pass it on to. There was no evidence to suggest a higher rate of hospitalizations or deaths. However, if more people get it because the new strain spreads more easily, more people will “inevitably” end up in the hospital.

The three main symptoms to look out for remain the same: a new and persistent cough, fever or high temperature, and a change in smell or taste.

Italy, along with other European countries, will also impose a ban on passenger flights from Great Britain, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Health Secretary Hancock hit “totally irresponsible” Londoners who fled the capital Saturday night after Johnson effectively canceled Christmas for nearly 18 million people in southern England. The stations were filled with masked passengers desperate to get home for Christmas when the new restrictions hit London.

Angry northerners have beaten up “selfish” Londoners who fled the capital to avoid a brutal Christmas lockdown for fear of spreading the “mutant” strain of the coronavirus across the country. Twitter users from the north and west slammed large crowds onto a crowded platform and called them “pest rats”.

It has been found that coronavirus cases in the UK rose 25 percent to 27,052 last Saturday. This means that the total number of infections has exceeded two million.

According to evidence, this new variety is common across Wales.