Netflix is ​​initially adding an audio-only mode to Android

Netflix has a huge library of content, but its well-designed app is possibly one of the more attractive features of the service. Now Netflix is ​​testing a new audio-only mode in its Android app.

As first reported by the people at Android policeSome Android users see a new switch when streaming shows and movies that completely turns off the video stream and only provides the audio from that content to users. This may seem strange to a video streaming service, but it’s probably a feature some people use for familiar TV shows and movies, or maybe even Netflix’s huge library of stand-up comedy.

When this feature is used, the video turns off completely, leaving the screen mostly blank aside from the typical Netflix controls. In audio-only mode, Netflix will continue to display play / pause, timeline, speed, screen lock, episode, subtitles, and buttons for the next episode. Even the brightness control still appears, which admittedly becomes unusable without any content on the screen. The only thing new is a switch to turn the video back on, the same switch that was used to first turn it off.

It’s unclear if Netflix can use this new audio-only mode to run the app without picture-in-picture in the background, but that could well be the end goal.

In the app’s settings menu, users with Netflix can leave this feature available at all times or only view it when using external audio such as headphones.

It is unclear when this feature will be widely used.

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