Neha Kakkar Says Rohanpreet Singh Drunkenly Proposed One Day

Leading Bollywood singers Neha Kakkar and Rohan Preet Singh’s wedding was held on October 24 between a small number of guests. But Rohan is ready to get married so soon. But one day he drank heavily Married Let’s send a message to his girlfriend Neha. At first Neha didn’t believe it, but then she did. And let’s find out in Neha’s words what caused such a change in the meantime ..

He did not want to get married
“One day when the shooting was over, Rohan asked for my snapshot ID. So we talked and love lessons took place. I asked Sasemira not to agree to it as it was time to settle down in life. Nakinka Patikelle .. then decided that she was not ready to get married. The two of them just stopped talking. So it’s been a while. Suddenly one day Nehu said, “Let’s get married. I can not live without you.” (Read: You have to fall for Rathore’s songs!)

If you want to propose in a drunken stupor
“Because then he drank two or three beers. He was giving such dialogues in a drunken stupor, but I took the light that Tellaresari forgets. The next day I went to Chandigarh for the shooting. Rohan came to my room there and asked, ‘Do you remember what happened last night if you drank?’ But that moment was understood. Rohan was really ready for marriage! I immediately told him to talk to our saleswoman. They also gave the green signal, “Neha said. Meanwhile, some news has been circulating that Neha Baby Bump is going to be her mother. However, fans were shocked to learn that Adanta’s latest song is for ‘Khyal Rakhya Kar’. Released on December 22, the song impresses the masses. (Read: Neha Kakkar-Rohan Preet Singh’s wedding)