NASA’s Hubble shares a melodious video and asks to unpack the festive sound.

NASA Hubble took its official Instagram handle and shared a very breathtaking festive treat. The video, uploaded on December 23, shows the sound reinforcement from Caldwell 73, discovered by the Scottish astronomer James Dunlop in 1826. In the caption, NASA asks its supporters to unwrap the fascinating gift, as the agency wishes “Happy Holidays”. to all.

Sound reinforcement with a melodious twist

“#HappyHolidays from Hubble! Unwrap this festive sound from Caldwell 73, a globular cluster 40,000 light years away from us. These stars are gravitationally bound to one another, with most of the stars being concentrated in the center of the cluster, ”says the caption. The video shows the view with a melodic twist. According to NASA reports, Caldwell 73 is located in the constellation Columba about 40,000 light years from Earth and has an apparent magnitude of 7.3. This can be seen through binoculars and it appears to be a blurred light spot. It is also easiest to see from the equatorial latitudes of the northern hemisphere in winter and the southern hemisphere in summer.

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Fascinated by the video, internet users took over the comment area. In the comments section, internet users thank the space agency for this wonderful pleasure. One Instagram user wrote: “Thank you very much for this magical moment.” Another person wrote, “Ohhhhh. Thank you for that.” The video received 353,246 views. Internet users can be seen leaving heart emojis in the comments section. They can also be seen tagging their friends.

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(Image credit: Instagram / Nasahubble)