Nafisa Ali shares videos of Lucky Ali that went viral and says she just wanted to celebrate her dear old friend’s genius at Hindi Movie News

Singer Lucky Ali is currently in Goa. His impromptu vocal videos, which keep popping up on social media, go viral in no time. His girlfriend and actress Nafisa Ali Sodhi also shared pictures and videos of the ace singer on her Instagram.

Speaking to Times Now Digital, the veteran actress explained that her friend Bablu told her about this beautiful place and that all young musicians came there. Since Lucky is here, he asked if you would like to come and listen to them. She added that Lucky said he would like to encourage musicians.

When it all came to an end, they urged Lucky to sing for her. When he complied with her requests, Nafisa revealed that she quickly turned on her camera and recorded.

When asked if the singer knows about people’s reactions to his viral videos, the actress said he saw what happened and asked for an explanation. However, she told him that she had just uploaded a snippet of his singing and that she didn’t understand the concept of a viral video. According to her, she just wanted to celebrate the genius of her dear old friend. The actress added that it is not easy for someone to record someone else’s guitar and play it in such a magical way for a live audience.

When Nafisa spoke about her friendship with Ali, she said that they have known each other for years. According to her, Lucky is just a very adorable, sensitive intellectual person who has a great philosophy. The actress added that she is also very fond of his children. In fact, it was she who posted the first shot of Tasmania, his eldest daughter, on Instagram.