Mumbai news: Coronavirus found in Sewer water of six slums including Dharavi – coronavirus found in sewer water in Mumbai, revealed in preliminary study of ICMR

Special things

  • Corona found in sewer water in Mumbai
  • Samples were taken from 6 wards including Dharavi
  • All samples have been found positive


The total cases of coronavirus in the country has reached beyond 99 lakhs. Preparations are going on in the country regarding the Corona vaccine. Meanwhile, coronavirus has been found in sewer water in Mumbai (Mumbai), capital of Maharashtra. Sewer water was collected from 6 wards of Mumbai including Dharavi. A preliminary study by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) found coronavirus in the sewer waters of Mumbai. These samples were taken from May 11 to May 22.

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All samples taken from six wards have been found positive while all samples taken before 16 March were found to be negative. This study suggests that sewage surveillance should also be initiated for data on coronavirus transmission. These samples were taken from Wadala, Dharavi, Kurla, Shivaji Nagar, Malad and Kanjur.


Please tell that due to the new virus, all its aspects are being looked into. So far, it has also been learned that the virus is also present in the feces of corona infected patients. Initially, there were reports that there could be virus in sewer water also. After which the study was started. Early studies suggested that coronavirus can survive even in sewer water. It can spread the infection to people who come to the sewer for cleaning.

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