Mrs Bectors, a huge listing of 468 points, Mrs Bectors IPO NSE BSE Sensex Nifty trading rise tutd

Story Highlights

  • Stock market boom on Thursday
  • Great listing of Mrs. Bectors IPO
  • Sensex opens with a gain of 299 points

The stock market is in green mark on Thursday. The Bombay Stock Exchange Sensex opened with a gain of 299 points at 46,743. Similarly, the National Stock Exchange’s Nifty opened with a gain of 71 points at 13,672.15.

During the trading, the Sensex rose 468 points to reach 46,912.22. Similarly, the Nifty rose by 138 points to 13,739.15. Metal, bank and auto sector saw a growth of 1-1 percent. Midcap and Smallcap indices are also seen in green mark.

Tremendous listing of Mrs. Bectors

The IPO of Mrs. Bectors Food was listed on the stock market today. There has been a tremendous listing of its shares. The company’s shares were listed at Rs 501 and soon reached Rs 601, while its upper price band was only Rs 288.

Vedanta shares rose 13 percent

The stock of Vedanta Ltd. saw a jump of over 13 percent today and it reached a 52-week high. There have been reports that the promoters of the company are about to buy 18.5 million shares in a block deal. Because of this, the company’s share price rose to Rs 170.5.

Bharti Airtel also accelerates

Bharti Airtel stock also rose about 3 percent today and reached Rs 522.95. In the month of October, Airtel has added about 36 lakh new customers and it has left behind Reliance Jio in this case.

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Orient Bell up 14 percent

Orient Bell’s share price saw a rise of about 14 percent today. In this, Equity Intelligence India increased its stake to 5.02 per cent, due to which the shares of the company went up.

There was a boom on Wednesday as well

On the third day of the week i.e. on Wednesday, the stock market started in green mark. The Bombay Stock Exchange Sensex opened 66 points higher at 46,072. Similarly, the National Stock Exchange’s Nifty opened with a gain of 7 points at 13,473.50.

At the end of trading, the Sensex gained 437 points to end at 46,444.18. Similarly, the NSE Nifty gained 134.80 points to close at 13,601.10.