Mother Eats Toddler Finger In A Viral Funny Video

Kansas: When one reads ‘daughter biting mother’s fingers’ one can only imagine how cruel that mother was and swear at her in her mind. However that mother was not really biting her daughter’s fingers. The daughter pretended to eat to see the reaction. Going into details .. A few days ago a woman from Kansas in America pretended to bite her daughter Josephine Charlie with her fingers in a note. But Charlie who looked at his fingers really did face the fact that his mother had eaten them. Cried Vekkivekki. (Money if you tell your story)

The woman shared the video on her Instagram account. “Charlie is still angry at me for eating his fingers,” the headline added. The video, which was shared on December 13, garnered thousands of views and tens of comments. Responding to this, netizens are commenting, “This child is so innocent! .. Can your mother make the baby cry like that?