Monal Gajjar Break Up Story..Who is that hero yet ..?

Monal Ghajjar, who lost his temper due to Bigg Boss 4 Telugu, will reach out to the Telugu audience again. Occasionally she came to the Telugu industry with the film Sudigadu under the age of 8. Before that it was O College Story, but it had never been released before. After that, the tornado made its way to the Malayalam industry. Monal came to the Tamil industry after making a couple of films there. One also made two films there. Soon after, in 2015, she co-starred with Allari Naresh in the film Brother of Bommali. But at the same time, her love failed.

This bhama has said the same thing in an interview now. Monal has been in Bigg Boss 4 for 98 days and has recently been eliminated. This beauty came out a week before the finale. Gives a series of interviews upon arrival. It tells out some sensational things. She also told me about her breakup during this sequence. Clarity said that the reason for not acting in Telugu after 2015 is the same. The brother-in-law said he did not want to come even after more offers came.

Monal Ghajjar said that her love affair with a Malayalam hero ended in a breakup of six years. She has acted in up to 8 movies there. Besides, this beauty has acted in a movie in Marathi and a movie in Hindi. Now she says she will think if there are opportunities in Telugu again. However, the name of the hero who broke up was not released. Monal says that he is a Malayalam hero.

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