Microsoft’s Authenticator app now has a password manager

Microsoft announced a password manager that’s now available for iOS and Android, as well as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. The new tool can be previewed through Microsoft’s existing Authenticator app – something you should already be using in your daily life.

Microsoft’s new password management feature, like other password managers, has auto-fill capabilities. “With Authenticator you can automatically fill in strong passwords without having to remember them,” Microsoft said in a blog post. “These passwords can be synchronized on mobile devices and on the desktop, so you can seamlessly auto-fill passwords as you move between devices.”

Of course, to use Microsoft’s new password management tools you’ll need a Microsoft account. To enable the feature, go to Settings, Beta, and Autofill the Authenticator app. When you activate the function, the app will automatically enter the passwords you have saved.

Microsoft Authenticator Password Manager

If you visit a website that does not have your username and password stored, the Authenticator app’s password manager will offer to store this information.

The automatic completion of the experience is carried over to the authenticator app from Microsoft and supported by iOS 12 and higher and Android 6 and higher. Unfortunately, the feature is currently disabled for corporate users.

If you’ve never used a password manager before, you should start ASAP. Using multi-factor authentication is even better for websites that support it. Personally, I use 1Password and have two-factor authentication enabled on all the websites that support it. I also use 1Password’s built-in authenticator to generate the six-digit login codes. Dropbox recently introduced a password manager as well.

A password manager is the best way to keep your passwords secure online as it can generate complex passwords and also protect them in one handy app. Microsoft said that no human-generated password can be unique enough to defeat hackers. Hence, it is important that you take all necessary steps to keep your information as secure as possible.