Mehboob on Nag Fida’s legs for Sohail blow –

The final episode of Telugu Bigg Boss Season Four is going well today. To this day a total of five finalists are in the house while already Harika as well as Ariana have been eliminated one after another. While Sohail, Akhil and Abhijit were in the house, Nagarjuna made an offer and said that any of the three would come out with a sum of Rs. That amount will also be deducted from the Rs 50 lakh given to the winner, otherwise they will not be part of the trophy. However, the building started at Rs 10 lakhs and reached Rs 50 lakhs. Sohel immediately agreed to it.

However, Nagarjuna asked his father to contact him on the matter and Sohail’s father also agreed to come out with the money. But the brother said that out of the lakhs of rupees he would take, he would give ten lakh rupees to any orphanage and come out. Sohail, who was committed to it, came out with lakhs of rupees. However, when he came out, he said that he could not give ten lakhs out of the lakhs to the orphanage and he wanted to give five lakhs of it to his friend Mehboob. Because he said he wanted to build a house this money would be useful to him.

Mehboob, who received it immediately, said he did not want the money and would also give the ashram the five lakhs he wanted to give. He said he was confident he could make money when he came out. Sohail said the two would give Rs 10 lakh in cash to an orphanage. However, Nagarjuna, who heard the conversation between the two, did not want to give your two money. You take the money home. He came forward saying that I will give ten lakhs on behalf of both of you. After saying this, Sohail immediately went to Nagarjuna and Mehboob went alone and fell at Nagarjuna’s feet. Nagarjuna said that he was very inspired by the two and gave this amount.