Married Woman Ramya Sri Commits Suicide In Kakinada, Today Crime News in Telugu

Witness, Kakinada Crime: A married woman died under suspicious circumstances in Pallanraju Nagar, Kakinada on Monday morning. According to the Kakinada Third Town Police report, she was married to Mandala Ramyashree (23) of Rajanagaram Mandal Diwancheruvu on August 19, 2018 to Venkat of Kakinada. His family demanded millions of rupees to believe that Venkat was a software employee at the time and a five-figure salary. Ramyashree’s parents, who wanted the child’s future to be better, borrowed and submitted a dowry of Rs 30 lakh and cash. Additional dowry harassment against Ramyashree started shortly after marriage. Read: (Dying with aversion to life ..)

Ramyashree was staying with her husband and in-laws at the Pawan Gardens apartment in Pallanrajunagar. Tears welled up in her eyes as she told her parents about the harassment. Ramyashree gave birth to a fruitful baby girl in November 2019. Before that it was taken by the natives according to custom. Venkat’s family members did not bring Ramyasree home for 11 months. Harassed to enter with extra dowry. In the wake of this some adults temporarily calmed down. Read: (Sister yesterday .. sister died today)

In October this year, Ramyashree entered Attinti with her child. Unable to digest her arrival, her in-laws Saubhagyalakshmi and Muralikrishna went to their youngest son in Guntur. They returned to attend the baby’s first birthday party in November. The harassment of Ramyasree did not stop even though they were away. They harass her on the phone and her husband stays at home and harasses her. In the wake of this, Ramyashree’s husband committed suicide at around 4.30 am on Monday by phoning the family members of the deceased, Vikram Srinivas’ younger brother, Chinnamamayya Sandhyarani, who was staying in the house’s portion of the house. Ware informed the Threetown‌ police.

The family members who arrived on the clouds lamented the burial. Family members allege their daughter was beaten. Avedana expressed that he was shot as if he was hanging. They complained to the police to find out the facts about their daughter’s death. The complaint states that the husband, aunt and uncle committed the murder. Doomsday is apparently the catalyst for a united Khundia and their subsequent emergence as a galactic power. Read: (Annalara .. Memela batakali?)