Mahindra updates the new Thar brochure confirming that the 6-seater version has officially been discontinued

One of Mahindra’s most anticipated starts this year was Thar. Like its predecessor, the new Gen Thar also received a good response from customers. In fact, the demand for the SUV is so high that Thar will be sold out by May 2021. Mahindra now plans to increase production to meet demand. Earlier this month, Mahindra sent Thar to crash test the Global NCAP test and received a 4-star rating for both adults and inmates. Soon after the test results were published, there was news that the Mahindra will be discontinuing the 6-seater version of Thar as it is less safe than the 4-seater version. Mahindra has now officially removed the 6-seater version from its range.

Mahindra has now published an updated brochure for the new Thar, in which the AX standard equipment (6-seater) has been completely removed. This means that from now on Mahindra Thar will only be available as a 4-seater SUV. The rear passengers also get forward-facing seats with suitable seat belts, which is much safer than the bench seats.

As soon as the results became known, Mahindra had stopped taking bookings for the 6-seater AX model as LX was more in demand. With the new NCAP results, it was pretty clear that Mahindra intended to dump the 6-seater version. Here is the new brochure scan, which completely lacks the basic version with side-facing seats. Instead, Mahindra will offer four forward-facing seats in the AX Opt trim.

Mahindra Thar would have received a 5 star rating, but the driver-side footwell area was rated unstable (not dangerous) during the test. That’s the only reason it got a 4 star rating. Mahindra has equipped Thar with safety features such as ABS with EBD, double airbags, seat belt reminder, ISOFIX child seat holders on the rear seats, overspeed warning, panic brake signal and deactivation switch for the passenger airbag. The higher LX variant also has a theft alarm, speed sensors for the front door, a stability program and a rollover protection measure.

Mahindra Thar, as mentioned above, is a completely new vehicle in every way. It’s now based on a brand new platform that makes it wider and longer than the older version. It looks much more mature and of higher quality. The build quality of the Thar has also improved over the years. It now offers features such as LED daytime running lights, alloy wheels, in-house hardtop and convertible top options, as well as a normal top.

Inside there are features like drizzle-resistant touchscreen infotainment screen and roof-mounted speakers, multi-steering wheel, air conditioning, well-padded seats and so on. Since it is more lonely and wider, it offers a lot more space inside. Mahindra Thar is now available with two engine options – turbo gasoline and turbo diesel. The petrol version is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharger with mStallion drive, which generates 150 hp and 320 Nm of peak torque.

The diesel variant is powered by a 2.2 liter mHawk turbo diesel engine that generates 130 hp and 320 Nm peak torque. Both the gasoline and diesel versions come with a 4 × 4 transfer case and are available with manual and automatic transmission options. The price for the New Thar starts at 9.80 lakh, but if the AX standard model is removed, prices now start at 11.90 lakh, ex showroom from AX (O).