Love Jihad case in Bijnor Uttar Pradesh: In Bijnor, Saqib kidnaps a minor by telling himself to be Sonu, arrested


  • A youth has been arrested in Bijnor of UP under the Anti-Forcible Act.
  • Accused of driving a young man away from a village and converting his religion
  • A case has also been registered against the youth under the sections of IPC, Poxo and SC / ST.

In Bijnor, UP, a youth has been arrested under the anti-forcible law. is c. With this, this is the eighth case to be filed under the new UP law. An FIR has also been registered against the youth under the sections of IPC, Poxo and SC / ST.

SP (Rural) Sanjay Kumar said that the accused Saqib kidnapped a girl and forced her to convert. The SP said, ‘A girl from Dhampur was missing for the last few days. Police have recovered both the young man and the minor. After interrogation, the youth has been arrested for kidnapping and forcible conversion.

Case registered under SC / ST Act
Section 366 (kidnapping) of IPC has also been imposed against Saqib alias Sonu. In addition, Cage has also been registered in all the streams of Poxo and SC / ST Act. The accused absconded with the minor on Saturday. Police said both were recovered on Tuesday. The girl is 16 years old. A case was registered on the complaint of the girl’s father. The girl’s father accused the young man of seducing her.

Girl’s father made serious allegations
The girl’s father alleges that Saqib pursued her daughter in school and implicated herself in her love interest by claiming to be Sonu. Under the new law, there is a provision of punishment of 1 to 5 years if found guilty. Apart from this, a fine of Rs 15,000 will also be imposed.

What did the Chief of the UP Law Commission say about Love Jihad law?

Police arrested Saqib

Police arrested Saqib