london lockdown: uk coronavirus lockdown new strain: uk corona virus lockdown


  • Corona virus cases are increasing in Britain
  • Health minister claims, new strain found in Britain
  • Lockdown imposed in many places including London
  • Pfizer’s Corona vaccine given in Britain

Corona virus conditions are becoming very serious in Britain. Tier-3 shutdown has been imposed on 10 million people living in the Southeast. The country’s Health Minister Matt Hancock has warned that a new strain of corona virus is catching up fast. With this, the lockdown has been announced. Hancock told Parliament these rules would apply in London from Wednesday morning. After this, once again the business is expected to suffer a setback.

And action may be hard
Apart from London, Hertfordshire and Essex will also go into lockdown. With this, these restrictions will apply to 60% of the country’s population. However, Hancock says that they will be relaxed on 23 December. The UK saw 20,263 cases on Monday, a third more than the previous Monday. Hancock said that it is already known that the biggest weapon against the virus is fast action, not waiting. He also said that further action cannot be ruled out.

Not too dangerous
Hancock has also warned about visiting friends and family over Christmas and said that people should be cautious about who they meet. Hancock has claimed that scientists have found a new strain of the virus which is the reason for its rapid spread in Britain. He said that initial evidence suggests that it is growing faster than earlier strains. However, he has indicated that it is not very fatal and there is less concern that the vaccine will not have any effect on it.

The vaccine given in Britain
At the same time, before this, Britain became the first country where people outside the trial were given the Corona virus vaccine. Nearly 8 million people have been targeted in the first phase to deliver the mRNA vaccine from American company Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech. Currently, this vaccine will be given to people who are at high risk of the virus.