Letter to Santa Claus | “I make a buck, but I would like a present”: The adorable letter from the little girl to Santa Claus goes viral

The little girl's letter to Santa Claus goes viral.

The little girl’s letter to Santa Claus goes viral. | Photo credit: Twitter

When the theme is Christmas, one thing everyone is raving about is Santa Claus. For children all over the world, the man in all shades of red and with a long white beard is always the bearer of gifts.

Children believe in the power of letter writing. Curious and excited, they write letters to Santa Claus telling them how good they were and what gifts they want. Some even try to stand their case weird despite being naughty all year round.

Such a letter has caught the internet’s attention and is all kinds of health!

A 9 year old girl wrote a letter to Santa Claus. Knowing that she might not have been in the good books this year. So she wrote down her plight and asked Santa for a gift despite her behavior.

“I hope you had a wonderful year. My year was just the opposite. I’ve tried to be good by failing miserably. I’ll be honest, I make money, but please, I would like a present, ”she said.

(Photo credit: Twitter)

After the introduction above, she wrote down the list of things she wanted. In front of each of the items was a box for Santa Claus to tick the ones he could get for them.

The never-ending list included AirPods, iPhone 12, a new and newest computer, tickets to a trip to France, and much more. Surprisingly, there was also a snake, a panda and a penguin.

She ends the letter with her name and address that was literally “out of the world”.

The letter was posted on Twitter by her sister who has an account called “AllyTheJedi”.

Needless to say, the delightful letter won hearts online. It went viral as soon as it was shared on the microblogging site. Internet users couldn’t help but rave about it. In addition, they were impressed with the grammar.

“I feel for their parents. Also, their vocabulary is great, ”said one user. Others made fun of the things she wanted too.

Although letters are fictional for obvious reasons, letters to Santa are always entertaining to read. It’s always amazing to see how resourceful children can be.