Learned with experience when to play innovative strokes – Seifert


Seifert scored eight fours and three sixes in his daring innings in the second T20I

Seifert scored eight fours and three sixes in his daring innings in the second T20I © AFP

Tim Seifert led the New Zealand pursuit while Kane Williamson gave him valuable assistance as the hosts sealed the T20I series against Pakistan on Sunday with a comfortable win over nine wickets. Tim Southee also impressed with the ball and grabbed four wickets.

However, New Zealand had to work hard as it only overtook the finish in the final. For his part, Siefert said it was not an easy wicket to hit and that Pakistan had bowled well, especially in the slog overs.

“We probably left them there a little late, but they bowled well and it was the type of wicket that changed a bit in the end, but in the end we did the job,” he said in the press box. “They have a good bowling line-up, especially on that wicket. It came up a good length. So it was difficult to bowl in these good areas, but they have a good pace that sometimes worked in your favor. Overall, they are a good bowling (unit). ”

Seifert also praised Martin Guptill for his quick start in New Zealand. He also said there was a passage New Zealand had to go through a difficult period, with Williamson’s experience proving valuable. “It was a good start from Guptill too. I mean, power play is big on chases like this and Kane came in. There was a tough little time he got in. But in T20 cricket, if you ride (through), the one hard time could be an overs or two, this one good bowler. And then Kane came in and scored runs. ”

Seifert is known for exploring different parts of the ground with a series of shots, including the ramp and shovel. But he found that the experience had taught him a new facet about her.

“I’ve learned with experience, obviously not well in the last series, when to play those punches (ramp), when to go hard, which bowlers to attack. While playing those 360-degree punches, when you’re not 100 percent … it learns to draw, learn to play a normal stroke. Just little things like this have all worked. ”

New Zealand attempted a rotation policy during the home summer. Jacob Duffy made his international debut in the first game, scooping a foursome, while veteran activists – Tim Southee and Williamson – returned to the second game and made an impact as well. Seifert was satisfied with the strength of the squad.

“It’s great to see Duffy doing fine … and the guys who were on hiatus come and play for the team we have … we don’t just rely on one bowler like they did with the Eyelash is the case, we have a good eyelash (unit) at the moment. ”

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