Key points to light in Gatchibauli road accident


Hyderabad: Key points in Gatchibauli road accident coming to light. The mystery continues as to where the five went together. Madhapur DCP said they were conducting a comprehensive investigation into the whereabouts of the youths. The DCP said the car collided with a tipper coming from the green signal, killing five young men in the crash. Those who have to go to the hostel said that they are conducting an investigation as to why they came towards Wipro. Madhapur DCP said that some bottles were found in the car and are being investigated.

The fatal accident took place at Wipro Circle in Gatchibauli on Sunday morning. A tipper speeding from the other side of the green signal hit the car. The car was crushed in the accident. Five people traveling in it were killed. All the dead were AP youths. Katragadda Santosh (25) from West Godavari district, Manohar (23) from East Godavari district, Kollur Pawan Kumar (24) from Nellore, Nagishetti Roshan (23) and Pappu Bhardwaj (20) from Vijayawada are staying in a hostel in Madhapur Ayyappa Society.