KCR has palpitations: Vijayashanti


Hyderabad: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Vijayashanti has criticized KCR, which used to call it ‘our water, our jobs’ during the movement, now remembers jobs. Dubaka said the BJP’s victory in the GHMC elections had given a boost to the KCR and hence the mention of jobs now. Through his Facebook account, the Chief Minister cracked down on KCR.

The remarks she made were in her own words …

“Unemployed people at once reminded KCR Doragari of the BJP’s aggressive blow in Atu Dubaka and Itu GHMC. The CM, who had sacked the employees for six years, said that 50,000 jobs would be created in Adarabad. Our jobs are for us .. Our water is for us. Unemployed people remembered the BJP’s victories by beating KCR. The Telangana government has ignored the zonal system for two years with regard to job replacement. It also did not answer the questions raised by the Union Home Ministry on the issue of unified service of teachers. The situation is unfair to the unemployed in both the districts. Modified zones require presidential approval. There are other implications associated with this. Replacing new posts is not as easy as it sounds. The Chief Minister should note that these scams will not succeed in the forthcoming MLC elections as they are trying to deceive the unemployed once again. Vijayashanti wrote on his Facebook account.