karthika deepam serial: ‘Karthikadeepam’ December 15 Episode! Interesting story! The beauty who identified the reason for the conspiracy as silence .. – karthika deepam telugu serial written updates 15 december 2020; soundarya gets furious

The ‘Kartikadeepam’ serial which impressed the television audience so much .. entered its 910th episode today (December 15).

910 Episode Highlights ..
After placing the snow lamp in the house .. Karthik gives money to the lamp .. ‘You and your daughter may have self respect .. but be careful of the snow’ he says. But the lamp does not take. ‘I can take care of that for four days,’ says Deepa. Meanwhile, when the children come out .. he puts the money on the teapot .. if the children ask him to have a meal .. he says ‘let’s all eat together’ and leaves. ‘There is something behind these words .. it seems to warn me ..’ thinks Deepa.

‘Call the lamp once and find out ..’ says Anandaru anxiously .. ‘He stays there .. but he seems to have a very big plan .. I am very scared.’ Sounds like cosmetics. Enjoy it .. ‘What a beauty to be cool .. You should not be so afraid ..’ says the courage. Karthik stops next to him in the car and calls .. ‘Yazil .. I have to work with Karthik ..’ He said something .. ‘I remember everything I said .. I will ..’

However, Hima noticed that the lamp and the sun were getting tense .. ‘Why are you getting tense .. Don’t you want me to come here? Actually, even my grandparents do not like me coming here .. Why .. Everyone is so tense? Didn’t Daddy say anything too? ‘ That begs questions upon questions. But immediately the lamp and the suns cover and say .. ‘Don’t be afraid .. we are fine’. But the lamp is very frightening in the mind.

Until Karthik arrives, he sits on the sofa and looks at the door. ‘I thought .. I thought I would stay here till I come back .. Another father .. Well glamor came ..’ says Karthik sarcastically. ‘I will ask a straightforward question .. will you tell the truth? Did Himani really send you to learn poetry? ‘ Says Anandaru. ‘Is it Karthikamasam Daddy .. I came to touch a lamp Daddy ..’ says Karthik. ‘Couldn’t understand ..’ says Anandrao.

‘I can’t answer more than this ..’ says Karthik. ‘What do you really mean? Can you tell me the same? ‘ That becomes cosmetic fire. ‘What did you find for the dishes?’ Says Karthik. ‘You have never been before Karthik .. what to achieve .. what are you sacrificing snow to do ..?’ Sounds cosmetically angry. ‘You play with me .. Mommy is not far away on the day I say that ..’ Karthik goes inside. With that, all of us became tense .. ‘Vedenti’s beauty says so? What does he say? ‘ Says. That immediately reminds me of the words silence for beauty. ‘What if all of you are mine? My Karthik is important to me .. with a wounded heart .. my Karthik comes to me with a disturbed mind ‘comes to the conclusion that all this beauty is silent Panenanna. Let’s see more details in the next part! ‘Karthikadeepam’ continues.
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