‘Karima Baloch’s probe death’: Pakistani husband’s critics found dead in Canada – World News – Videos

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The mysterious death of activist and Pakistani critic Karima Baloch is massively indignant. Now her husband has requested an investigation by the Canadian authorities. Karima Baloch’s husband, Hammal Haidar, tweeted, “Karima Baloch’s death requires further investigation. My wife was an incredibly brave and spirited person. Her work as an internationally known activist speaks for itself. I believe it is our right to urge the Canadian authorities to do their best to investigate the circumstances surrounding her death and the threats she has faced since moving to the country. We have worked with the police and will continue to do so. Karima Baloch had been a crusader for Baloch rights and a vocal critic of the Pakistani army, and had campaigned against enforced disappearances in Balochistan. Check out the full video for all the details.